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You operate in a demanding market. Healthcare costs are high and companies like yours are still wondering how to optimize their triage process. Don’t worry, we can solve these problems.


could be saved each year if patients were lead to appropriate care


of cases patients can self-treat or be treated with a tele-consultation

Improve your triage with AI

Infermedica Triage is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to find correct and cost-efficient care for your patients. It’s especially useful for call centers and emergency departments.


  • Minimize over and under-triage
  • Prevent unnecessary visits
  • Treat with tele-consultations
  • Standardize the interview process

Optimize patient flow

Find out what kind of care your patient needs. You’ll know exactly who can stay home, who qualifies for tele-consultation, who should see a doctor, and who needs urgent medical care. Accurate triage lets you connect your patients to appropriate medical or insurance services.

An internal study shows that call centers attribute using Infermedica Triage to an 18.9% increase in converting face-to-face visits to tele-consultations.

How does it work?


Collect symptoms

Infermedica Triage resembles a checkup lead by a doctor. First, the patient describes his symptoms, and the operator writes them down.

Ask questions

The operator starts asking the questions which appear on the screen. From this point on, the interview is lead by the AI.

Get triage results

Finally, the patient gets accurate and reliable triage information.

Technology you can rely on

We invest heavily in developing our algorithms and data models with world-class data science experts and physicians. Our technology is always improving and we’re launching new features all the time.

  • 15,000+ hours of physician review

    Every piece of information in our medical database is based on literature from well-respected publications.

  • 93% engine accuracy

    The accuracy of our technology is confirmed by cases from BMJ, NEJM, JAMA, and others.

  • 3,500,000+ health checkups

    People from all over the world use Infermedica to find the care they need.

15 languages and counting

Infermedica Triage speaks many languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. You can always translate interview results to every language we support, in just one click.
Trusted by leading companies from all over the world

Médis, the leading Portuguese health insurer, is working with us on the most sophisticated decision support tool for nurses to date.

PZU Zdrowie, the healthcare division of the largest insurance company in Poland, rolled out our call center triage tool, demonstrating the cost-efficiency of the solution.

Triage made simple

The Infermedica Triage app doesn’t require any medical training or education. It can be used by anyone, not only by doctors and nurses! We support your employees at every stage of the triage process and provide patients with safe and reliable recommendations.

Users rate the application an average of 4.65 in a 5-point scale (93%).


Get greater overview

With Infermedica Triage you can collect data effortlessly. Get access to detailed reports and statistics. Find out how many patients select tele-consultations and analyze trends over time.

Keep track of patient symptoms

See all calls or search a specific conversation. Browse the history of calls or check a single call’s details. You will always know which symptoms were reported by a patient earlier and what the recommendations were.


No integration required

Infermedica Triage is a standalone web app and you can open it in your browser. Also, it’s easy to integrate into tools you already use, such as websites, mobile apps, and tele-health platforms.

Make it yours

Customize the look and feel by adding your logo and specific color palette. You can even add custom screens or reorder existing ones. We can deliver all of this in as few as 5 days.

There’s even more


Infermedica Triage works for call centers of any size and can handle thousands of calls every day.


Our platform works 24/7 and gives exactly the same results for the same cases. No more uncertainty.


We can export data to any format you need, we can integrate with third-party software, and more.

Feedback loop

We work together with our clients by analyzing all of the feedback and improving the platform constantly.

Simple and beautiful design

We put a lot of effort into the design of our apps. Our tools can be used by anyone with minimal or no training at all.

Let us show you more possibilities

Schedule a guided demo with our business team. We will walk you through our products and answer any questions you have.